Vision Therapy

What Vision Therapy Is, and What Vision Therapy Isn't

Some children have trouble with visual tracking and focus that aren't the result of a condition called strabismus. While there are specific therapies for strabismus, similar visual issues that aren't the result of that condition may benefit instead from something called vision therapy. This therapy consists of a sequence of eye exercises developed to increase visual efficiency, and it has shown some promise. If your child needs help focusing or getting both eyes to work well together, vision therapy at Today's Vision Conroe in Conroe, TX may be the next step.


What Does Vision Therapy Do?

Vision therapy exercises are designed to train the eyes and brain to better work together. These exercises are customized and taught in an office session. A patient can then do the exercises at home. Because vision therapy is often used for children, parents may need to supervise younger children at home to ensure they complete the exercises. The sequences are simple, and older children should have no trouble doing them on their own.

Vision therapy takes place over several sessions and is modified as needed. The exercises are not meant to replace glasses, so your child may still have to use those. The therapy really is meant to focus on visual coordination issues. Vision therapy may be very helpful for children with amblyopia.

There is some controversy surrounding vision therapy, particularly in the ophthalmology community. The therapy is relatively new in the research world, so there aren't a lot of studies on it. Still, the therapy has shown positive results in the few studies that have looked at it. It's a non-invasive therapy that is easy for children to do, and the therapy is monitored well. If you think vision therapy might help your child, speak with our optometrist.

Don't Assume Your Child Will "Grow out of" Vision Problems

Today's Vision Conroe in Conroe, TX offers vision therapy and other optometry services. If you've noticed that your child is having issues with focus or problems with misaligned eyes, bring your child in for an eye exam. If general coordination issues are diagnosed, vision therapy might help. Contact us at (936) 788-2600 to arrange for an appointment.

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