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At Today's Vision Conroe, we provide a variety of ophthalmology services and procedures. If you are searching for an eye doctor that can help with lazy eye treatment, then we are here for you.


What is Amblyopia?

AKA, lazy eye, amblyopia is a common vision disorder that causes poor vision even with glasses or contacts to help. In general, amblyopia only affects one eye. Still, a person can develop a lazy eye in both eyes, as well. The condition usually starts early and may not be detected until someone notices the symptoms. It is not always obvious.

However, if you notice crossed eyes or another eye misalignment, it could be a sign of amblyopia. The only way to know for sure is to visit the eye doctor and make an appointment for an eye exam. Here at Today's Vision Conroe, we recommend getting children in early at around six months. It is best to start treatment right away if possible because our eyes compensate for misalignment, and it may make treatment more challenging later.

Lazy Eye Treatment

Depending on the cause, sometimes the eye doctor will recommend putting a patch over the good eye to force the lazy eye to get to work. Of course, this is an over-simplification, and your eye doctor will go over all the details at your visit. Sometimes the ophthalmologist will prescribe special lenses that make both eyes work differently.

Along with a patch or corrective lenses, there will also likely be some sort of vision therapy. Another tactic is to use atropine eye drops, which blurs the vision in the good eye, causing the lazy eye to work harder. Eyedrops are sometimes an effective treatment for children who refuse to wear the patch.

Today, some treatments even help correct vision in older children and adults. Some types of lazy eye, such as strabismic amblyopia, may require surgery and special lenses afterward to correct the vision. Ultimately, the best lazy eye treatment outcomes happen with early detection.

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