7 Signs You Might Have Eye Cataracts


Today's Vision Conroe in Conroe treats many patients with cataracts. Fortunately, eye care services can help you get the treatment you need to avoid permanent side effects associated with this condition. If you think you might have cataracts, here are seven signs to look for.

1 - Your Vision Is Fuzzy or Blurry

If you have cataracts, your vision may become blurry or fuzzy. This is because the cataracts are clouding your eye's lens. You might notice this symptom if you wear glasses or contacts and feel like you can no longer see clearly.

2 - You See Less Color Saturation

Cataracts can also cause you to see colors as less saturated. Things may appear duller than they used to. Your optometrist may test your eyes to see if your ability to see colors has decreased significantly.

3 - You Notice Halos Around Lights

Do you see halos or glares around lights? Is it hard to see things clearly because you see rings around lights? An optometry professional can identify the cause of this issue. This is a sign of cataracts that can make life more difficult, especially in bright areas.

4 - You Struggle to See at Night

If you have cataracts, you may struggle to see at night or in low-light situations. This can make driving and other activities more difficult. We can help you get back to safe nighttime activities.

5 - Your Eyes Feel Sensitive to Light

Cataracts can also make your eyes feel more sensitive to light. You may find yourself squinting or blinking more in bright light. Your eyes might water when you're forced to be outside in the sun.

6 - You Have Double Vision

In some cases, cataracts may cause double vision. This can be a dangerous symptom, so it's important to see an eye doctor right away if you experience it. Double vision can also be associated with other eye health issues, so it's important to be treated right away.

7 - You Have Frequent Headaches

If you have cataracts, you may also find yourself having frequent headaches. This is because of the strain that cataracts can put on your eyes.

Get Help for Cataracts in Conroe, TX

If you notice any of these signs, it's important to see an eye doctor right away. Cataracts can be treated with surgery, so don't hesitate to get help if you think you have them. Call Today's Vision Conroe today at (936) 788-2600 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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