Emergency Eye Care

Eye Emergencies and Why You Should Visit an Optometrist Right Away

Our eyes are naturally protected by our eyelids, eyelashes, and constant tears to keep out dirt, debris, and bright light. They can get injured, though, and it is crucial to get professional medical assistance when this happens. You need to know what is considered an eye emergency and why getting medical help right away can prevent future vision problems. The compassionate team at Today's Vision in Conroe, TX, is here if an eye emergency happens to you. Let us take a look at some common eye injuries that require immediate attention.

Emergency Eye Care

Chemical Burns

It is an emergency whenever a foreign substance gets into your eyes. This is especially true with chemical substances that accidentally splash into your eyes and face. Common examples are bleach, laundry detergent, and everyday cleaners. Rinse your eyes with clean water or a saline solution for at least 15 minutes if this happens. Blink continuously while rinsing, avoid rubbing your eyes, and get help immediately.

Cuts and Scratches

A scratch from anything like a fingernail, pet, or other object requires professional attention. These injuries could lead to eye infections and future complications. Gently cover your eyes with a clear soft cloth, avoid rubbing your eyes, and get medical assistance.

Foreign Objects

You can usually remove small particles like dust, sand, and a fallen eyelash with water. You must get larger foreign objects removed by a medical professional because they can damage or get embedded into the eye. Blink continuously and let your tears get rid of the smaller particle if you got something in your eye. You can also gently pull the upper eyelid over the lower one with clean hands. You should also rinse your eyes with clean water. Never try to remove anything from your eye that is stuck. Contact a medical professional immediately if this is the case.

Eye Trauma

Eyes can become damaged while playing sports, getting into accidents, or being hit. These emergency events could lead to serious vision problems, such as retinal detachment, swelling, floaters, eye infections, and possible loss of vision. You should lightly apply a cold compress to the injured eye and get medical attention immediately.

Sudden Vision Loss

Suddenly losing your sight could be the result of high eye pressure, a retinal detachment, or even a stroke. It is critical to act immediately and seek medical attention if you suddenly lose your vision.

One-On-One Approach to Eye Care in Conroe, TX

There are many different eye emergencies that could lead to possible vision loss, so contact Today’s Vision in Conroe, TX, to get the treatment you need to keep your eyes healthy. Our one-on-one personalized approach makes us the leading eye care provider in our Conroe community. Call us and schedule an appointment today at (936) 788-2600.

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