Refractive Errors

Clear vision is essential for many tasks, however, many individuals experience challenges daily, such as blurry vision, due to refractive errors. At Today’s Vision in Conroe, TX, our optometrists provide eye exams to detect any refractive errors and treatment to help you see more clearly. You can learn more about the different types of refractive errors, symptoms, and available treatments below: 

Refractive Error

Understanding Refractive Errors

Refractive errors occur when the shape of your eye prevents light from focusing directly on the retina, which results in a blurry image. Since the eye is an irregular shape, it affects the way light bends and enters the eye. Common refractive errors can cause nearsightedness, farsightedness, and reduce your vision.

Common Types of Refractive Errors

    • Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, causes distant objects to appear blurry, while close-up objects remain clear
    • Hyperopia, also known as farsightedness, causes objects that are close up to appear blurry, while those at a distance remain relatively clear
    • Astigmatism causes blurry vision due to an irregularly shaped cornea
    • Presbyopia is an age-related refractive error that makes it difficult to see objects up close

Risk Factors for Developing Refractive Errors

A variety of factors can contribute to the development of refractive errors, such as genetics, environmental factors, and age. Along with this, excessive near work or lack of outdoor activities during childhood can cause refractive. In addition, as we age, the lenses and cornea change naturally, which leads to presbyopia.

Managing Refractive Errors

The first step in managing refractive errors is a comprehensive eye exam from our optometrists. We will determine the refractive error and provide you with the necessary treatment. Refractive errors are typically managed with eyeglasses, contact lenses, and refractive surgery.


Refractive errors often display certain signs and symptoms, such as blurred vision, eye strain, headaches, squinting, eye fatigue, and difficulty focusing.


Eyeglasses are one common and convenient treatment for correcting refractive errors. This treatment helps compensate for the irregularly of the eye and redirect light to the retina. Contact lenses are another option, which offer a more natural vision correction. In extreme cases, our optometrists may recommend surgery to help treat the refractive error.

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At Today's Vision in Conroe, TX, we offer a variety of treatments for refractive errors. Our team is dedicated to helping you preserve your vision, as vison loss can highly impact your quality of life. We will perform an eye exam to check if you have nearsightedness, farsightedness, or another refractive error. To schedule your appointment, call our office at (936) 788-2600 today!

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