Family Eye Care

An Overview of Family Eye Care Services from Today's Vision Conroe

It is important for everyone to make sure they have access to comprehensive eye care services. This means adults as well as children. At Today's Vision Conroe, we take a great deal of pride in the services that we can provide to each of our patients. We work hard to make sure that we stay up to date on all of the latest information in the field. This starts with the importance of a regular eye exam from an optometrist in Conroe, including in the field of pediatrics.


How an Eye Exam Works

At Today's Vision Conroe, we know that people are going to have questions about their eye exam when they come to see us. We are here to provide comprehensive services to everyone. When someone comes in for an exam, we test the ability of each eye to see clearly. This will let us know if someone needs glasses or contacts. This also tells us whether or not someone has gaps in their field of vision.

Once we have tested each eye, take a look at the pressure inside a person's eyes as well. This pressure plays an important role in maintaining the structure of the eyes, but elevated eye pressure can damage a person's optic nerves, leading to glaucoma.

Finally, we are going to dilate the eyes as well. This is done to get a look at the structure of the eyes including nerves and blood vessels.

Acute Care Services from Today's Vision Conroe

At Today's Vision Conroe, we place a lot of emphasis on preventative care, which is the reason why we stress the annual exam. We know that some acute problems are going to show up anyways. We are here to address these as well. We are used to seeing a number of common problems when it comes to acute vision needs. This includes foreign bodies that might be in the eyes, retinal scratches, corneal abrasions, and routine headaches and blurry vision. If you have a problem with your eyesight, then please call us today. At Today's Vision Conroe, we would be happy to help.

Come to Today's Vision Conroe for an Eye Exam

At Today's Vision Conroe, we treat children as well as adults. That is what makes us a complete family eye care service. We are proud of pediatrics and work hard to make sure that children are comfortable when they come to see us. If you are looking for an optometrist in Conroe who can see children as well as adults, call us today at (936) 788-2600. We would be honored to take care of your family. 

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