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Some vision problems are better known to the public than others. While you may be quite familiar with common refractive errors such as nearsightedness and farsightedness, keratoconus is a condition that can affect your eyesight at a young age. Keratoconus is the bulging of the cornea that can cause severe blurring and distortion of vision, but thankfully it can also be treated. Here at Today's Vision Conroe, we have the skills, expertise, and experience to identify keratoconus, evaluate your vision issues, and prescribe the appropriate treatment to help you see your world more clearly. 


Causes of Keratoconus

Many of the eye problems that lead to blurry vision stem from abnormalities in the way the eye refracts incoming light. In the most common kinds of refractive errors, the eyeball may be too elongated or foreshortened for the incoming light to come to a precise focus on the retinal wall. Abnormalities in the shape of the corneas, especially those transparent semi-domes that cover the pupils, can also introduce distortion. If the distortion is minor, you may experience only mild astigmatism. If, however, the distortion becomes severe, you may experience severe astigmatism and myopia (nearsightedness). In keratoconus, the corneas become cone-shaped instead of spherical. Some keratoconus sufferers even develop splits or cracks in the corneas, which makes vision that much worse.

Keratoconus is a puzzling condition, but the problem is related to weakness in the corneal tissue. Some people may have unusually thin corneas or a lack of the collagen that supports normal corneal shape. Oxidative damage, habitual eye-rubbing, and other factors may also play into its development.

Diagnosis and Vision Correction from Our Conroe Optometrists

Our Conroe optometrists, Dr. Breaux and Dr. Gigliotta, can diagnose keratoconus through refractive testing, vision testing, and direct examination of the corneas. Contact lenses are usually recommended for correcting keratoconus distortion, but ordinary contacts aren't likely to work well with irregular corneas. We can equip you with specialized soft contacts, hybrid contact lenses, or "piggyback" contacts, which feature hard lenses worn over soft lenses, to help with the condition. We also offer scleral contact lenses, which span the entire corneal surface without even touching it. If you need more extensive care for your keratoconus, we will refer you to the appropriate specialist and co-manage your treatment.

Let Our Clinic Correct Out Your Eyesight

Don't give in to the annoying visual distortions of keratoconus. Call Today's Vision Conroe at 936-788-2600 to schedule an eye exam and talk to our optometrists about treatment options. We can correct your vision.


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