Pediatric Eye Exams

Children have special eye care needs and before they are ten years of age, it is difficult for them to know what is normal versus what is abnormal. Usually, teachers are the first to notice common problems like nearsightedness or farsightedness. A good pediatric eye doctor knows how to ask the kinds of questions to engage children of all ages. At Today's Vision, we know how to work with children of any age. If you are in Conroe, Tx we are the practice you need!  


All About Fun!

Our pediatric eye doctor knows how to make eye exams for children fun. For a child, seeing any doctor may be a scary experience. Perhaps at the last doctor’s visit, your child had a tooth pulled, or received a shot. On the other side, a good family eye doctor can use games that help reveal if a child has problems focusing on objects or seeing them correctly. Often, the eye exam will require the doctor to utilize tricks for effective results.

Eye-Tracking Problems and ADHD

Has your child been diagnosed as having ADHD? Let us know! A child with eye-tracking problems can behave very much like a child with ADHD. Eye-tracking problems include problems with hand-eye coordination, an inability to read consecutive words on a page, problems with looking to the front of a classroom, and then back to work nearby. If your child gets bored, seems unable to concentrate, or has a tendency to become disruptive in class this may not always be a result of ADHD. The key difference between ADHD treatment and eye-tracking treatment is that vision problems related to eye-tracking can often be treated without the use of medicines. 

Children's Activities Affect Eyes

If your children watch a lot of television, play computer games, or play games on small devices like smartphones or tablets, a regular eye exam for each of them is even more important. Books and reading materials should always have good light. It’s important that children take breaks from consistent screen time. When they are watching  TV or playing video games for over 30 minutes at a time, it is important for them to frequently change their focus of attention. If you notice your child is having issues when viewing screens an eye exam may be necessary.

Today’s Vision Conroe The Right Optometry Care for Your Family

If you want the best in pediatric optometry, visit Today’s Vision Conroe. Here we make sure your child is comfortable and feels at ease during eye exams. We have pediatric clients of all ages, so we understand each child’s individual needs. If you are in Conroe, TX area, call (936) 788-2600 to schedule your appointment today! 

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