As you age, time and the environment take a toll on your eyes. Cataracts are a common condition, especially in older people. Because this condition does not produce any initial symptoms, you should have regular eye exams to determine whether you have them developing on your eyes. Trust us at Today's Vision Conroe to help you to monitor your eye health through our numerous optometry services.


What Are Cataracts?

Cataracts are cloudy protein buildup on the lenses of your eyes. Typically, your eyes lenses are clear, allowing for light to easily pass through. By not prohibiting any light from moving into your eyes and to your retina, clear lenses allow for good vision.

However, over time, proteins in your lenses will break down and begin to clump together. These clumps create cloudy areas in your eyes' lenses. At first, the cloudiness does not cause any problems. As it worsens, however, you may notice blurry vision, muted colors, or halos around lights.

If you have regular eye exams, you will find out before you have symptoms that your eyes are developing cataracts. By knowing early, you can make lifestyle changes to slow the rate of cataract development. As your vision continues to worsen from cataracts, you may need stronger corrective lenses. Eventually, you will need surgery to remove cataracts and have your lenses replaced with artificial ones.

What Increases the Risk for Developing Cataracts?

While age is the biggest factor in developing cataracts, other elements play major roles in the development of cataracts. For instance, smoking, drinking, and not protecting your eyes from UV rays all increase the chances of cataracts. Also, if you have a family member with cataracts, a previous eye injury, or a condition like diabetes, you're also at a higher risk for cataracts.

How Can Good Eye Care Prevent Cataracts?

While you cannot reverse the progression of cataracts, you can make lifestyle changes to slow their growth. For example, wear sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection to reduce damage to your eyes. If you smoke or drink alcohol, stop. Also, consider adding dark, leafy greens to your diet to incorporate more vitamins and minerals that aid eye health. Lastly, schedule regular eye exams with an optometrist to monitor your vision and eye health.

Keep Up with Regular Optometry Exams at Today's Vision Conroe

If you need an eye care professional who will help you with exams, corrective lenses, and more, call us at Today's Vision Conroe at (936) 788-2600. Our Conroe, TX, clinic will help you with all aspects of vision and eye care. If you are over 40, consider scheduling an eye exam with us to see if you have cataracts quietly developing over your eyes' lenses.

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