Contacts Lens vs. Traditional Glasses

Whether you are interested in contact lenses or eyeglasses, there are pros and cons of each of them. Consider your lifestyle and daily needs when you make the decision between the two. If you are looking for an optometry clinic that provides a wide range of contacts and frames, our team at Today's Vision in Conroe is here for you. 

Wearing Contact Lenses

Many people find that contact lenses offer a natural appearance and prefer to wear them over eyeglasses. Once you're used to inserting and removing contact lenses, it's quick and easy to do both. Many people like that they don't have to think about their contacts once they are inserted. They simply put them in first thing in the morning and don't have to worry about their vision being obstructed at any point during the day. This is because contacts don't need to be cleaned like eyeglasses do. They also won't fall out when participating in strenuous activities. For this reason, many of those who live active lifestyles and athletes prefer contacts that will stay in place.

Wearing Eyeglasses

There are many people who like how glasses add to their aesthetic. Many eyeglasses wearers also don't like to have to touch their eyes. That makes eyeglasses much more enjoyable to wear for them. They are also extremely easy to put on and take off. You won't have to worry about inserting and removing something from your eye every day with glasses. With eyeglasses, it takes only seconds to care for them, though they do need to be cleaned if the lenses are ever dirty or smudged.

Contact Us for Vision Care in Conroe 

If you aren't sure what type of eyewear is right for you, our team is here to help. At Today's Vision, we can assess your eye health and lifestyle to recommend glasses or contact lenses that are perfect for you. Contact our Conroe clinic today to schedule your next eye exam or to learn more about how we can help.


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