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The Zeiss iProfiler uses wavefront technology to analyze your eyes generating a highly accurate prescription and vision profile.  In addition, the iProfiler takes precise measurements of the cornea or clear outer tissue of the eye rendering a 3-dimensional map of the tissue vital to monitoring the cornea and precision contact lens fitting.  The prescription generated by the iProfiler is optimized for twilight and low light conditions. When coupled with the Zeiss Visuphor refraction system and the Zeiss portfolio of premium lenses the result is true high definition vision.


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oOptomap retinal imaging is a technology that allows us to scan the retina for signs of disease.  The retina, or inner lining of the inside eye is a thin layer comprised of light detecting cells called photoreceptors.  This tissue and the associated structures are the among the most metabolically active tissues in the human body.  The delicate nature of this structure leaves it prone to changes associated with diabetes, trauma and hypertension as well as a host of other neurological and vascular diseases.  Prior to Optomap technology, the only way to examine this structure was to use medications to dilate pupils.  Pupil dilation is effective but blurs vision, makes the patient light sensitive for four to six hours and adds about 45 minutes to the exam.  Optomap scans the retinal tissue and gives us a much wider panoramic scan of the internal structures of the eye all in about 10 to 15 seconds.  The result is a faster more comfortable examination with images far better than we have been able to capture before.  We can then share the images with you immediately and keep them on file for later reference.

oZiess Cirrus HD-OCT tomography is technology that allows us to use light waves to take cross sectioned images of various parts of the eye.  These images are so detailed we are able to visualize and measure individual layers of cells.  This resolution capability is critical in the diagnosis and management of many diseases such as glaucoma, diabetes, and macular degeneration.

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High definition OCT scan of a healthy macula