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We have hundreds of contacts lenses in our inventory.  Contact lens technology is constantly evolving.  Our manufacturers are always coming up with more breathable lenses with better optics, improved stabilization, and improvements in wettability, leading to improved comfort.  Whether it is a simple daily disposable for a new wearer or a complex multifocal fitting on a seasoned wearer, our team leads the way in the latest contact lens trends.


We also perform specialty contact lenses fittings that are medically necessary to restore vision.  Certain corneal diseases, injuries, or deformities require a customized solution to properly correct vision.  These cases may include keratoconus, corneal ectasia, and complications from Lasik or radial keratotomy. In these patients the cornea becomes distorted and correction with conventional contact lenses or spectacle lenses is ineffective. Scleral lenses placed on the eye restore vision in these compromised corneas.  Scleral lenses are also useful in cases of extreme dryness.  Saline or other solutions remains under the lens during contact wear providing those with painful dry eyes relief.



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